DaxxPlatinum (DXP)

Date:2019-06-01 00:00:00

DXP (DaxxPlatinum)

1.Project Description

Project Name: DaxxPlatinum
Token Name: DXP

2.Project Introduction

DAXX-PLATINUM is an independent self-regulated financial payment technology, which operates with no third parties like banks, governments or other institutions. DAXX-PLATINUM is completely open-source, so everyone can take part and everyone is completely independent.. The difference between Bitcoin and DAXX-PLATINUM is that DAXX-PLATINUM provides a profitable opportunity like Proof of Stake and no mining costs for the user.

3.Token Overview

Total Supply:1 000 000 000

4.Support link

Official Website: https://daxxplatinum.com/#/home

Whitepaper: https://daxxplatinum.com/assets/dxp/DXP_Whitepaper.pdf