Alpha-X (AX)

Date:2019-06-01 00:00:00

AX (Alpha-X)

1.Project Description

Project Name: Alpha-X
Token Name: AX

2.Project Introduction

One of the main goals of the Alpha-X platform is to provide a unified eco-system and offer marketing solutions for any e-commerce businesses that want to increase their business and earn cryptocurrency.It aims to increase the value of AX Coin and thus the value of selling and buying on the Alpha-X.Market.The importance is building meaningful buyer-seller relationships and hence increase the growth of the network.We present the AX Coin as the solution to unlocking the full potential of the eco-system and thus increasing value for all investors.The proposed start of the e-commerce ecosystem is to accept all major traded crypto-currencies on coinmarketcap or anything accepted by the seller.

3.Token Overview

Total Supply:2 000 000 000

4.Support link

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