(ETH) Introduction

ETH abbreviation:ETH

Release date : 2015/11/1

Ethernet is the next generation cryptography books, intended to support a number of advanced features, including user issuing currency trading, intelligent protocol, decentralized and a completely decentralized autonomous organization we think of(DAOs)Or decentralized autonomous company (DACs)application. Ethernet Square (Ethereum) Is not the type of each individual characteristic features as special support, opposite, Square ether (Ethereum) Includes a built-Turing-complete scripting language that allows through a mechanism called contract to want to achieve for their properties to write code. A contract is like an automatic proxy, whenever a transaction is received, the contract will run a specific piece of code, the code can be modified internal contract data stored or transmitted transaction. Senior contract can even modify its code. Place pre-sale received by Ethernet31531Bits coins, sold more than6000Wan Ethernet.ethcoin


Frontend Title:Ethereum Symbol:ETH English abbreviation:ETH
Developers:Vitalik Buterin The core algorithm:Ethash Release date:2015/11/1
Block speed:15A second block Circulating Supply:76623310 Stock:
Proof way: Difficulty adjustment: Block Bonus::5.9
Key Features:With features and intelligent digital currency